What's New?

After its triple nomination at 2010 Independent Games Festival, the Rocketbirds universe is finally available on the PS3. No longer bound to the limitations of Flash and the computer keyboard, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken has been greatly enhanced for Playstation 3. We've added many new features, new game modes, new movies, new screens, new chapters, new weapons, and more. From the gameplay to the visuals, every single aspect has been expanded and improved.

Jet your way through the skies
Co-op Campaign
Select a budgie commando and venture forth with a friend through 10 chapters of all-new puzzles and combat
Stereoscopic 3D
Fantastic, non-dizzying 3D running at 60fps/720p
New Weapons
An expanded menagerie of Penguin-killing implements.
New Chapters
4 all-new chapters of single player adventure
New Movies
More music video-style cutscenes and movies
New Screens
50% more screens. Over 220 total.
Enhanced Visuals
All environments are modeled in full 3d for pan, zoom, and parallax effects
Enhanced Controls
Intuitive controls and responsive animations
Pumping Soundtrack
New tracks and music from New World Revolution!