"Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken" is finally available on Steam!

But hold on a sec... In our limitless enthusiasm we never created a simple "What is it?" kind of Video of the game (never), so we decided that for the launch of the PC version it would be about frickin' time!

Nope, it's not Anger Birds (What is "Anger Birds"? - Ed.) - nor is it a flight sim. It's a cinematic platform adventure game! Enjoy the vid. It uses the Instrumental version of the Rocketbirds Theme Song by New World Revolution...

PRE-ORDER NOW! 31.08.12

A Pre-order of Rocketbirds will instantly get you four tracks from the game written and performed by New World Revolution – “The One”, “Illuminate Me”, “Once I Was Lost” (KF Remix, this version is ONLY available by pre-ordering) and “Double Agents”.

The game will then later release with an exclusive Budgie Commando, Agent H, who will wield the totally unique and devastating Photon Blaster. This opportunity is limited up until the day before the official launch date, which will be announced in the near future – in the meantime, check out the brand-new trailer featuring one of the New World Revolution songs, “Double Agents”, featuring Agent H. himself!

Like the Video says: Please don't be too late! Pre-Order your Steam Copy of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken PC NOW via Rain DG, GamersGate or GameStop NOW!


We've always wanted to do one of these as a way to thank everyone for those wonderful reviews of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PSN, so when we needed to announce to the world that we were coming to Steam (Fall 2012), we grabbed our chance.

Media Contact : media@rocketbirds.com